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Work Ltd delivers architecture and construction of supreme quality. We offer our clients these services in a new and different way – not as separate entities, but in flexible, financially efficient combinations.

Our unique concept combines design, engineering and contracting, so that creative intelligence and logic flow together through every stage of a project.

We pride ourselves on our in-house architectural, engineering, planning and logistical skills, and on a seamless dialogue between the key professionals contributing to the process.
We exchange ideas. We evolve. We innovate. We think laterally, aesthetically and practically, drawing on an array of ideas, techniques and materials. Above all, we consider what we want to do and how to achieve it at the same time, thus setting the conditions for outstanding work.

None of this would work without those who produce the end results – the trades. We employ and manage fulltime teams of first-class bricklayers, plumbers, joiners, electrical engineers and others, all handpicked for their exceptional skill.
The outcome is exquisite buildings.

Work Ltd is as adaptable as it is revolutionary. We are happy to support our clients’ architects or offer our own design advice;
to work within historic structures or create new buildings; or simply to construct a perfect wall. Always communicating efficiently and clearly, we never bother clients with trivial problems, but willingly consult on the smallest detail.

However we work with you, we will find the best solutions, streamlining the way to a superbly realised project.